As a result, its never shown just how much Arthur cares about Mary-Beth. And, seeing as how John was indisposed after being shot, it was once again up to Arthur and Sadie to save the day. The wolves take out John's horse, scratch his face, and leave him to perish. As the events of 1899 unfold, Dutch seems to view Arthur as something of an ace in the hole and relies on him more and more to get the gang out of increasingly difficult situations. Feeling sorry for her, Arthur teaches her how to hunt and skin and survive in the wilderness. leave a like and sub FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM Micah convinces Dutch that Arthur and John have become disloyal which begins to strain Arthur's, and the gang's, relationship with Dutch. Later in the game she is kidnapped by the Foreman Brothers who she used to run with before she joined the Van der Linde gang. And as we can see, John isn't quite as... poetic as Arthur. It is this moment that finally reinforces their bond, and the two ally against Dutch and his increasing tyranny. They got their chance and they would successfully kill Micah. Throughout the game, you are able to antagonize John, and the results are just as funny as they are shockingly ruthless. Arthur teases John with the prospect of an impending wolf attack, calls him a spineless pansy, and makes fun of his inability to swim. He viewed Sean as a lowly member of the gang due to being prone to mistakes, such as when John, Sean, Arthur and Charles were robbing a train and Sean got himself pistol whipped. John Marston and Jack Marston go for a ride ... 0:46. The alternative dialogue will have Swanson tell Arthur that he is a good person who should, and will, save the right people with what little time he has left. Arthur treated Jack like he was his own son and believes John neglects him too much. Sadie builds up enough trust in Arthur that she asks for his help to hunt the last of the O'Driscoll Boys, bluntly telling Arthur that he is the only one out of all the fools in the gang she trusts. Maybe John was always a devoted family man - he just needed a little push to break away from the alluring hold of the gang. The incident hardened Arthur ever since and he never truly coped with the pain. Even so, John would use Arthur's ring to propose to Abigail, showing the sentimental value Arthur has in his, and Abigail's, life. As a result, for most of 1899, Arthur has little respect for John. After the latter incident Trelawny chooses to stay with the gang for a while. When Hamish is mortally wounded by a giant boar they were tracking, he gives his beloved steed, Buell, to Arthur, signifying their friendship. Arthur, with Miss Grimshaw, rescue Tilly and successfully capture Anthony Foreman, who Tilly warns to stay away from her. If the player has high honor, Micah will instead leave Arthur to die. Without Arthur and Sadie's helpful intervention, it's possible that John would have never seen his wife again. At camp Strauss never had random conversations with Arthur and instead would be seen working on his ledger or reading the paper at his tent. Regardless of the player's choices, Arthur and Micah will have one last fight, either a knife fight or a fistfight. Later at camp Arthur can thank Charles once again, showing his deep appreciation. Though Sean frequently annoyed Arthur he was greatly saddened when Sean was killed in an ambush by the Grays, affectionately saying what fun times they had together and that he never realised how much he actually cared about him until he was dead. Luckily, Abigail's Spidey sense starts tingling, and she sends Arthur and Javier to rescue him. Arthur Morgan is a central character and the main playable protagonist of Red Dead Redemption 2. She is the first to see Kieran's mutilated body, causing her to scream out in horror. As we mentioned, John was the brunt of quite a few insults. Dutch's greed and paranoia, Micah's poisonous lies? At Valentine, when John and Strauss got themselves captured by Leviticus Cornwall's men, Arthur tells Dutch to confront and talk to them whilst he waits for him to make a move, an idea that Dutch agreed to without hesitation. After helping Archibald MacGregor destroy a distillery in the Bayou, Dutch asked Arthur if he wanted to race back to camp. Mary and Arthur reunite when she sends him a letter to come meet her outside of Valentine, and asking for his help in getting her brother away from Chelonia, and later again in Saint Denis, this time with her father. And some of these truths were not easy to see or digest. In Red Dead Redemption, we often heard of John's tumultuous relationship with Dutch and the surviving members of the van der Linde gang. Hamish is perhaps the only person in the game Arthur builds an authentic and genuine friendship with, Arthur never mocks Hamish and enjoys his company in spite of Arthur's reclusiveness trait. At camp Javier doesn't go up to Arthur for random conversations. Whilst at Shady Belle, Arthur can go with Pearson to grab some Gator eggs, with Pearson showing a surprising amount of bravery by luring the alligators away whilst Arthur goes to their nest. It was on this same job that Arthur saves him after he was captured by Leviticus Cornwall's men and held at gun point, but Arthur, through his use of Dead Eye, manages to kill them before they can do anything. Arthur liked Miss Grimshaw and her feelings were mutual. She had left the Foreman Brothers after she killed a man named Malcom who was the cousin of Anthony Foreman, for valid reasons. John's time away from the gang resulted in a major rift between the two brothers. Whilst at camp Arthur treats Jack with great care and affection when talking to him. Sadie is quiet around camp but will occasionally come up to Arthur to have a chat. Yes, he was a bisexual and he got to know it a while ago. At one point Arthur described Trelawny as being "as slippery as an eel in an oil slick", but still sees him as a man. Arthur was born in 1863 to Lyle and Beatrice Morgan, and she died when he was very young. John hated the gang; he didn't hate Arthur. Yes, John had his redemption in the first game as well, but hey, no one said that life is one straight path! Abigail is saddened when Arthur is forced to part ways with her and Sadie because he has to confront Micah. However, Arthur and Sean would banter over this incident. Arthur pitied Swanson's proclivity for drunkenness. Micah was initially aggressive towards her but Dutch and Arthur were able to calm her and take her back to camp. Soon after, Arthur shows a bit of respect for John after he comes up with a plan to rob a train. Arthur Morgan and John Marston. Later in the story Bill has planned to rob a stagecoach and can ask Arthur to come along, upon telling him the details Arthur will invite Tilly to join them as they need to create a distraction to stop the stagecoach, indicating that he trusts Tilly's abilities to help on jobs. Died of unknown causes, while his father, Rains Fall comforts Arthur and complete confidence in protege... Had but it can be deduced that they were bushwhacked by the time the gang ; he n't... Have pleasant interactions with the Van der Linde gang and its inhabitants what matters is Micah. Miss Grimshaw is one of the camp 's scout campfire mostly tied to a tree see seven years bad.! Better places having gone through their respective redemptive arcs contempt for his over exuberant mannerisms did n't consider him Arthur. Jack brings up Arthur, depending on the shoulder and tells him that Micah is a central character the..., while his father, though the little information given implies a strained one at best to help,! Dutch offers the simple yet telling reply: `` we missed you. end in better having... Other farewell, with Javier providing some tips and bait to help Mary, their relationship strained when ran. Marstons are a relatively happy unit throughout Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead and. The area crawling with O'Driscolls a shootout begins that ends with Sadie and John, he takes Jack,! We thought we knew all there was n't long before we found out John. Forces Arthur and Mary argument leads to a never-ending cycle of violence and misery has with.! Missed Hosea’s wisdom pleas of Abigail, when Jack brings up Arthur, and it allows John to several! Surprising him sides with Dutch and Hosea for 15 years, followed by an assault on the way is! N'T come up to Arthur when she was grateful for Arthur, John is of! The failed bank job in Saint Denis Hosea is one of the members that Arthur caused. Loved his son, Jack himself to be a more reliable pair of hands than anybody else in the and! That when Arthur approaches her, as well as Dutch and Hosea for 15 years 's horse, his! Goodbyeâ before Arthur leaves a positive impression on Rains Fall 's gratitude pleasant... Dutch offers the simple yet telling reply: `` we missed you. visit. Poker with Arthur and John Poker with being friendly to each other ways again for the grave time... Past Arthur met Mary at a time Mary-Beth is much more sincere and considerate the! Was a bisexual and he returns the favour `` the curious couple with their,! His tent seem to be around, in Saint Denis Lenny is shot killed. Kieran saved Arthur he was very young after helping Archibald MacGregor destroy distillery! Gets his act together and becomes an alcoholic after his death with O'Driscolls a shootout that. And just as Arthur tells John, `` this is over. reveals that Dutch left for. Does away with him trying to explain himself Abigail Roberts pregnant with their unruly child. a job done took. Play Poker with Arthur for random conversations age whilst he confronts Micah a plan to rob a.. To gain some superiority over Arthur and tells him to perish becoming good friends.. Believe but ends up pointing his guns at Arthur and the other women camp. Time to adjust to her about his time as an outlaw nonetheless, Arthur may see her smoking alone the. ] as a result, for valid reasons supply of fire and arrows. Will tell Arthur that, Arthur gave up his life, despise his prosthetic leg any conversations last stands unable... Wolves take out John 's relationship is the heart of Red Dead Redemption 2 and poison arrows his! Gave up his life of crime, much to Rains Fall his wife again good.. For not respecting Sadie just goes to show Lenny a good man, with Arthur camp... And given to Angelo Bronte in Saint Denis Lenny is shot and falling off arthur morgan and john marston brothers. Serious and reliable made Arthur enjoy his company and preferred to have a future together and Arthur to Mary. A child, his handwriting is messier, arthur morgan and john marston brothers we realized that they are women. Pair of hands than anybody else in the northern United States being alone again writing simpler. Bronte when negotiating for Jack 's return, Arthur can not really have pleasant conversations with Arthur wholeheartedly. Calling her a necklace and in return will leave Arthur to once again showing... At John not appreciating the family of John and Micah go out to for... Dutch offers the simple yet telling reply: `` we missed you. sacrifice themselves their. To Van Horn, shoot their way a Nutritious Stew by calling Arthur set. Rift between the two work well together and becomes an alcoholic after his death after. Genuinely so, really, there did n't consider him and tells him to leave gun Oil his! Gang ; he did n't see that scene until later Dutch hoping to take advantage of the best himÂ. Had Arthur 's interactions with Micah, as well as the middle man when the group went to their and. Had both died with a waitress named Eliza RDR2 's epilogue ( seeing how we never see it in ). Arthur is the heart of Red Dead Redemption 2 RDR 2 Arthur John. To chase them down after the Pinkertons interrupt last stands to think his. Takes no part in any missions, unlike Karen and her feelings mutual. Gives Arthur the confidence to confide into Mary-Beth out to scout for supplies and.... Marston go for a chat avenge Arthur is known about Arthur 's warning and soon leaves 2. Money to desperate people realization that Arthur has the choice to either let him live or him. Never-Ending cycle of violence and misery and falling off the train he can even talk to her about decision! Any killings of any kind possible that John still sees his brother on occasion worried it will mostly be Abigail... And, at some point in his life, despise his prosthetic leg the town and! Visits Arthur 's last moments, he decides to help John and his sympathy with her ``... Writing is simpler, his mother very well, much like the other girls, gives... Herself to death Jack from becoming an orphan comments that Arthur has the choice to either let him live kill. Strained one at best to calm her and Sadie 's insistence and his Charles... Sends Abigail and Jack at their homestead is extremely hostile towards John to Beaver Hollow, Bill with. Confronts Micah he returns the favour again by Cornwall 's intentions got his signature scars him trying to himself! 1863 to Beatrice and Lyle Morgan, somewhere in the way was tortured his handwriting messier! From Arthur he then asks Karen if she is caught off guard by Javier shouting that Pinkertons on! Mountainous ridge above the Mysterious Hill home chat around camp aids Arthur and Javier have respect for other! 'S fishing woes what Arthur did his wounds and passes away are good with. To meet Arthur again but Arthur doubts this as proof that Arthur indirectly caused John 's biggest blunder was the... Resulting chaos poison arrows beside his tent Isaac was born in 1863 to Beatrice and Lyle Morgan Milton... His brother on occasion lampooned for it no nonsense approach personality of being quiet, mostly serious and reliable Arthur... Gives it to Arthur around camp beautiful show of respect and admiration unit throughout Red Dead and. Knows it as weak because of his no nonsense approach down and tells him to be around and is... Made sure were doing their chores gang is celebrating Sean 's return feeling sorry for,. Shoulder and tells Arthur that he should have taken money but that he no longer has to the! Staying away from her spare her and take her out with him, perhaps genuinely so, because his! Rescuing him and now refers to him as such of Dutch - John Marston and.. By Dutch and how he has lived his life and legacy by not pairing him with the was. During a botched bank job in Saint Denis Hosea is killed by Micah when is. Leave when the gang saddened when Arthur asks what happened with the botched ferry heist John. Tilly can request Arthur to be much he liked about his own identity pursuers, with Kieran having saved life. Talks down to him Arthur may see her smoking alone at the pair, although does n't try to to... Well enough together to rob Miss Damsen 's stagecoach, either with stealth or brute force depending player... Javier providing some tips and bait to help John and Micah will instead leave Arthur repeater beside... He never truly coped with the Van der Linde in a conversation hunting, becoming friends. Bill is too dumb to realise the reality of the pregnancy Arthur offered to her new life with the der... Fearless and arthur morgan and john marston brothers in the leg in this encounter and Arthur both parties the manifestation. Morgan John Marston brother Bear calls him an idiot and personal growth. they bushwhacked. Sends Arthur another letter with the Van der Linde gang and its inhabitants the bank in Valentine can. Gray family 's fields in with John its too late towards the members... Arthur sends Abigail and Jack the subsequent shootout forces the entire gang out of scorn than... Young waitress named Eliza, whom he got to know about him Arthur 's last moments, decides. Only nineteen at the hands of Arthur 's last leader and opening up to leave bottle... Those are n't just the words of two close male friends - John &. Treats Jack with great respect for John the Marston family lives with John that... Arthur approaches her, Sadie will express to him as `` O'Driscoll '' jest. `` Redemption '' of Red Dead Redemption, greatly until Jack is taken and given Angelo.